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Sparksammy and Oklomsy's Heroku web server.

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About this website.

This website, is about me and sparksammy. Although we each have our own websites, (Sparksammy's website), (Oklomsy's website) we both host our websites in github pages, which doesn't have PHP, and Sparksammy has a few PHP Projects, and I had a Heroku Dyno that I didn't use, so I wanted to make sparksammy happy and turned this heroku dyno into a website that sparksammy can benefit from. so yeah that is basically the origin story of this website, you can check out our projects in the menu!

"Find a balance between freedom, comfort, and flexibility; as there is no such thing as full freedom." -- Sparksammy, 2018

"Basically, life is just being thrown into new environments and trying to adapt to them, when you fail, you try again until you succeed." -- Oklomsy, 2019